US Aid to be Redirected to Victims of ISIS in Iraq and Syria


Middle East -

The Arab Weekly recently reported that the United States would increase aid to Iraqi and Syrian religious and ethnic minorities that were targeted by ISIS. Before the defeat of the ISIS militants, ISIS slaughtered religious minorities such as Christians and Yazidis in order to eradicate any group that does not follow its extremist view of Islam.

The proposed bill does not allocate additional aid but instead redirects funds to serve victims of ISIS first.  The bill drew wide support in Congress due to the aid it extends towards Christians, victims of the genocide enacted by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

In 2002, the estimated number of Christians in Iraq was 800, 000 – 1.4 million. Since then, due to the persecution experienced by the Christian community in Iraq, their numbers have fallen to less than 250,000 in 2017.



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